We’re a small shop with a lot of BIG global experience.

Like you, we understand that brand and reputation in the 21st century requires much more than innovative products and services. Our talent lies in integrating the seemingly disparate facets of your organization — like an engaged, loyal workforce and socially and environmentally responsible investments — into a single coherent expression.

This means devising transparent two-way strategies and creating crisp communications that are engaging in look, feel and message. This ability is what distinguishes us. It’s also what inspires us. Our work is not only smart, accessible and visually stimulating — it’s customized to align with your business strategy. 

Creative Director Sophia Bilynsky established AlleyCat Design as a venue for collaboration with clients and experts she’s cultivated in various fields, through years of successful solutions for start-up ventures as well as global corporations. Sophia effortlessly tailors for each project a team of talented and passionate professionals that will deliver unique, compelling results.